12th Accidental Result: Only 12 and a half thousand students with first division will not be able to get admission in graduation, what will students of second and third division do

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Even after 18 years, the identity of MGS University has become only that of the university conducting the examination. - Dainik Bhaskar

Even after 18 years, the identity of MGS University has become only that of the university conducting the examination.

  • Bhaskar Analysis – 8340 seats in 12 government colleges + about 8000 seats in 40 private colleges i.e. 16340 seats… 28708 students in Bikaner are from first division only

As soon as the results of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education are declared, colleges across the state have started preparations for admission. It is a matter of concern that 28708 students have passed in first division in the district. But in 13 government colleges across the district, there are only 8340 seats in graduation. That is, about 20 thousand students will not get admission in government colleges.

There are about 40 small and big private colleges in the district. The government and the university have allotted 200 seats to each college here. Even if 8000 seats are filled in all 40 colleges, only 16000 students including government and private colleges will get admission in graduation. Despite this, about 12 and a half thousand students will neither get admission in private colleges nor in government colleges.

The special thing is that 12 thousand students will be deprived of admission in graduation, those who have passed first class in the examination of Board of Secondary Education. Second or third division pass students will have to do private graduation only. Students of arts will get the most because 23 thousand students have passed in class 12th in first class in arts, but in bachelor of arts, there are only 5500 seats in 12 colleges across the district. That is, 18000 students will not be able to directly get admission in the government college.

Colleges have been opened at every subdivision headquarters level. With this, local students can get admission there. The seats have also increased in Dungar-MS College. Students of more than eight thousand districts will get admission in government colleges. There were also many colleges for girls. This will also reduce the pressure on MS College.
– Dr. GP Singh, Nadal Principal

Those who applied, see how tough the competition will be: In 2020, only up to 81 percent of the people were able to get regular admission

Relief : 1764 seats reserved for girls: 1764 seats are reserved for girl students in Naekha, Sridungargarh and MS colleges. Apart from this, girl students can also take admission in other colleges. The good thing is that this time girl students from Sridungargarh and Nakha will not have to come to Bikaner for graduation.

With the opening of new colleges in Khajuwala, Kolayat, Bajju, Chattargarh and Deshnek too, girls along with boys can take admission in these colleges as all the colleges are co-ed. In this sense, this time the education level of girls will not only improve, but they will not have to leave studies due to the distance of the college.


Option in front of remaining 12 thousand students with first division

Some of the 12 thousand students will go to some professional courses including PMT, Five Year Law, RPVT, Engineering, BPharm, BCA, BBA, Nursing, Pharmacy, Paramedical, Polytechnic, ITI. The rest they will graduate by filling the form of all privates. According to a survey, about 20 percent of the students leave studies after 12th due to circumstances.

Choice before the government-university: Government and universities can give maximum admission to the girl students by increasing the classes and seats in the colleges. The university can also provide maximum admission in private colleges by increasing the period of admission. If 20 thousand students also get admission, then the rest can get admission somewhere like professional courses.

CBSE 12th Result Rest – Where will they be spent : These conditions have arisen after the results of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education came out. CBSE 12th class result is yet to come. There will be more competition for admission after the CBSE results are out. Now the crisis in front of the government is that the average in which 12th class students are passing out, in that average there are no seats in graduation. That is, at the government level, there is no system of giving admission to every 12th pass out student for admission in graduation.

The role of the university is not limited to graduation, it is limited to conducting examinations.

Even though Maharaja Ganga Singh University is the second largest university in the state in terms of student numbers, it does not have a single college of its own for graduation. There is a long wide structure from the campus. There are all the tools. There are facilities but there is no chance for the graduate students to directly enter the university.

18 years have elapsed since the university was formed, but the role of the university for graduating after the five year law is zero. For a long time there has been a demand to open its own campus college in the university. The university is looking for a way to make MS and Dungar College an organized college, but on opening the campus college, a file did not move forward. If the university wants, with the efforts of the Minister of Higher Education, it can take the approval of the campus college. Even after 18 years, the identity of MGS University has become only that of the university conducting the examination.

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