How to remove 100 years old Khatian in Bihar, this is the method

People living in any district including Gaya, Patna, Nawada, Nalanda, Purnia, Ara, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga of Bihar can now easily take out Khatian up to 100 years old. Along with this, all the land papers can also be easily obtained.

According to the latest report, the Revenue and Land Reforms Department of the Government of Bihar has created record rooms in the areas of the state to give land documents to the people easily. In this record room all the land documents are being kept in digital form.

How to remove 100 years old Khatian in Bihar, this is the way?

1. If you want 100 years old Khatian in Bihar, then you have to give an application in your area. After this you will get the Khatian of the land.

2. You will get Khatiyan within some time of applying. For this, you will have to pay a fee of 10 to 50 rupees.

3. Currently you will get Khatian through offline. But very soon its process will also be done online.

4. You can get the information related to the Khatian of the land by visiting the website

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