how to do money transaction while buying land in bihar

News Desk : If you buy land in any city including Patna, Gaya, Nalanda, Darbhanga, Buxar, Bhagalpur, Siwan, Samastipur in Bihar, then you should do money transactions carefully. Because many times the land broker takes money in advance in the name of getting the land and then does not get the registry done on time. Due to which sometimes people's money also gets stuck.

According to the latest report, such news is often seen in many cities of Bihar and people give money to the land broker in the name of Vishwas and their money also gets drowned. Today we will try to know about this topic that how to do money transaction while buying land in Bihar.

How to do money transaction

1. While buying land in Bihar, the transaction of money should be done on an agreement paper. Because the agreement paper is valid in the court.

2. Even if you have a good relationship with the person who got the land, you should still make an agreement. Along with this, complete details related to the land should be written on the agreement paper.

3. If you are giving money in advance, then you should mention it on the agreement paper and also get the signature of the land broker on it.

4. While buying land in any city of Bihar, you should transfer money through online transfer or check.

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