Muzaffarpur city will be hi-tech, know what is the preparation

A big news is coming from Muzaffarpur city of Bihar. According to the latest report, preparations are underway to make this city hi-tech under the Muzaffarpur Smart City project. Very soon the city of Muzaffarpur will be made equipped with CC cameras.

According to the news, under the Smart City Mission, an Integrated Command and Control Center will be set up in the city with an investment of Rs 153.03 crore. Simultaneously, smart traffic system will also be developed in Muzaffarpur city. Preparations are going on for this.

Let us inform that ATCS traffic signals will be installed at 27 places in Muzaffarpur city through Command and Control Center. At the same time, 108 vehicle detection cameras will be installed in the city. While 216 red-yellow-green arrow signals will also be installed.

According to the information received, 27 e-junction signals will be installed here to control the traffic. Apart from this, 275 fixed bullet cameras, 90 PTZ, 175 cc cameras will also be installed. 160 km of fiber optical cable will also be laid in the city. Five weather sensors and 108 vehicle detection and countdown timers will be installed in the city.

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