Biggest problem of parents in MP: Take children to school themselves or pay more for transportation; 50 thousand buses will be installed in the new guideline, now not even 15 thousand

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Bhopal 3 minutes ago Author: Anoop Dubey

Madhya Pradesh government has issued instructions to open schools from 6th to 12th with 50% capacity on all days from 1st September. After this the school operators have started their preparations, but now the biggest problem facing the parents is transportation. About 25 thousand school buses operate in the state, through which the work of transporting children is done.

According to the instructions of the government, to follow social distancing in school buses, children can be accommodated in buses only with 50% capacity. If buses are to be operated, then about 50 thousand buses will be required. The reality is that 40% of the buses are not in running condition. It is either damaged or has been frozen by the bank due to non-payment of finance installment. In such a situation the question arises as to how the children will be taken to school. Take it yourself or be prepared to pay a higher fare.

parents' problems

If parents take bus, van, taxi or auto for transport, they are likely to pay the full fare. Half the capacity may lead to further increase in fares. If the parents do not take transportation and go to take the children on their own, then in such a situation their problem will increase.

The biggest problem in the operation of buses

Buses have been parked in the garage for almost two years. Due to non-running of buses, they have become junk due to lack of maintenance. Bus operators say that till now neither they have received any instruction from any school operators nor the government. In such a situation, the maintenance work of the buses will be done only after getting the instructions.

The dispute of fitness etc. in RTO also remains the same. The effect of this will be that due to increase in maintenance cost and increase in diesel rate in 2 years will have an impact on rentals. Its burden will fall on the parents. With half the capacity, the child has to come to school only 3 days a week. How the fare will be charged from this is also a big challenge for the school operators and bus operators.

their say

Abhishek Gupta, director of Delhi Public School, says that the order has just come. We are assessing that. Other conditions including bus service will be analyzed. On the basis of that, everything will be cleared and will tell the parents. As far as transportation is concerned, we will try to find a middle ground by talking to the parents, transportation association and government.

Sarwar, president of Madhya Pradesh School Bus Association, said that there are about 25,000 school buses operating in Madhya Pradesh. Buses have been standing for two years. In such a situation, after getting the order, the maintenance work will be started. There are many problems regarding bus operation, which will be discussed in the committee. Our aim is not to put too much burden on the parents, keeping this in mind, further things will be decided. However, till now neither any school nor the government has contacted regarding the operation of the school bus. After getting the letter we will do our preparation. The government will also have to help in this.

40% out of 2500 buses in Bhopal are not on road

Bhopal School Bus Association President Sunil Dubey said that about 2500 school buses operate in Bhopal. This number is from 2 years ago. At present, about 40% of the buses are not on road. It has either gone bad or has been frozen due to non-payment of loan installment. The operation of buses will have to start afresh. In such a situation, the burden on the bus operators will increase, which will be seen in the form of fare hike.

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