Every farmer of Bihar will have a unique ID number, know its benefits

There is a good news coming from Patna for the farmers who are cultivating in Bihar. According to the latest report, now a unique ID number will be created for every farmer in Bihar. For this, preparations have started at the department level.

According to the news, a unique ID will be issued to a farmer permanently. With this unique ID number, farmers of the state will be able to apply for seeds in any season. Due to this, farmers will not face any problem in getting any type of seed.

Let us inform that the Bihar government has been providing seeds at home to more than two lakh farmers every season. But still many farmers complain that they are not able to get seeds. In view of this, the government will make unique ID numbers for the farmers.

Farmers will be able to take benefits from any scheme of the government with the help of this unique ID. With this, data will also be available with the government that which farmer has got how much and when the seeds of crops. This will also remove the problems of the farmers.

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