Know how to do money transactions while buying land in Gurugram

In today's time, many people buy land in Gurugram, Haryana. But many times people give money in advance to the land broker or builder to buy land, due to which their money gets stuck. Today we will try to know about this topic that how to do money transactions while buying land in Gurugram.

How to do money transaction while buying land in Gurugram?

1. If you are buying land in Gurugram, then you should do the transaction of money through transparent methods and avoid giving money in haste.

2 . If you want to give land money in advance, then you must first get the land agreement done on 1000 stamp paper.

3. When the land agreement paper is made. After this give money to the land broker or builder. Do not give money without making agreement paper.

4. While buying land in Gurugram, give money transactions online or through cheque. Don't forget to give more money in CAS.

5. Before buying the land, first verify all the documents of the land. Then prepare the agreement. Then give money

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