Now land disputes in Bihar will be settled immediately, know the reason

Good news is coming from the capital Patna for the people living in Bihar. According to the latest report, settlement of land disputes in Bihar will now be done immediately. Guidelines have also been issued by the Home Department in this regard.

According to the news, in a joint meeting of the Home Department, Revenue and Land Reforms Department and Bihar Administrative Reforms Mission, it has been decided that now the land dispute cases in the state will be divided into 10 parts and a unique code will be made for all.

Let us tell you that the Home Department will make a software for monitoring the land dispute cases and it will be monitored with this software. Simultaneously, monitoring, tracking and review of land dispute cases will be done at all levels of Commissioner and IG.

Will the land dispute cases be divided into 10 parts?

Disputes over possession of government land.

Dispute of eviction from settlement land.

Disputes in compliance with RTPS.

Dispute in family land distribution.

Controversy over encroachment on government land.

Dispute of private way and dispute of other matter.

Cases pending in the Revenue Court and disputes in compliance with the order.

Cases pending in court and disputes arising out of compliance of their orders.

Cases pending in civil courts and disputes arising out of compliance of orders.

Disputes at the time of measurement and demarcation of both government-raiyati land.

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