Passenger trains started operating between Samastipur-Jayanagar, see timetable

News Desk : A big news is coming from Samastipur, Bihar. According to the latest report, Railways has started operating DEMU Passenger Special trains between Samastipur-Jayanagar. Guidelines have also been issued by the Railways in this regard.

According to the news, DEMU Passenger Special train between Samastipur-Jayanagar will run in Up and Down direction stopping at all major and minor stations. Passengers can travel by this train by taking tickets. This train will run daily on this route.

Passenger trains start operating between Samastipur-Jayanagar, see timetable.

Train No. 05593: Samastipur – Jaynagar DEMU Passenger Special will leave Samastipur at 14.00 hrs everyday till further notice and will reach Jaynagar at 17.17 hrs.

Train No. 05594: Jaynagar – Samastipur DEMU Passenger Special will leave Jaynagar at 18.35 hrs everyday till further notice and will reach Samastipur at 23.00 hrs.

According to the information received by the Railways, 05593/05594 Samastipur-Jayanagar-Samastipur DEMU Passenger will run as a special train between Samastipur and Jaynagar. This information has been given by Rajesh Kumar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Railways.

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