Strict action will now be taken against such doctors in Bihar

A big news is coming from Patna, Bihar. According to the information received, preparations have been started to tighten the noose on the doctors who forcibly prescribe the medicines of the branded company. Strict action has been ordered against such doctors.

According to the news, now the parts written by the doctor will be examined in Patna PMCH and it will be seen that how many doctors prescribe medicines of branded companies instead of prescribing generic medicines. Orders have also been given to identify it by the department.

Let us tell that the doctors of Patna PMCH have often been accused that the doctors here prescribe medicines of expensive and branded company. Due to which the family members of the patient have to face financial problems. Now action will be taken against such doctors.

The parts written by the doctor will be examined, if generic medicines are not found, then clarification will be sought from the doctor of the concerned department and strict action will be taken against them. The state government had already instructed the doctors regarding this.

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