There will be 5 major changes in the system of registering land in Bihar

In many cities including Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga of Bihar, land registry is done every day. According to the latest report, the Bihar government is going to make many major changes in the system of this registry. Due to which those who buy land will get maximum benefit.

There will be 5 major changes in the system of getting land registration done in Bihar.

1. According to the information received, now there will be some delay in the registry in Bihar, but mutation will also happen with the registry.

2 . Let us tell you that if a person applies for registry in Bihar, then the surveyor or Amin will first go to the plot of land.

3. Surveyor or Amin will map the plot of land to be sold. The information about the surveyor or Amin going to the plot will be given to the seller and purchaser of the land.

4. In the presence of the buyer and seller of the land, the plot of the plot will be mapped with the boundary, khata, khesra and acreage of the land. After this, the Circle Officer will give proof of mutation.

5. In Bihar, this new arrangement is being done with the help of IIT Roorkee to a village in Sheikhpura district. This system will be implemented in the entire state.

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