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Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024: The Punjab Police Constable Exam 2024 is set to take place from July 1st to August 13th, 2024, at various locations in Punjab. This exam is for the Constable position and will be in a multiple-choice format. It includes 5 sections and is conducted offline. The total marks for the exam are 100, and candidates have 120 minutes to complete it.

To excel in this exam, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024. This article provides a detailed overview of the syllabus and exam pattern. Keep reading to gain all the necessary information for your preparation. Make sure to read till the end to benefit fully from this guide.

Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Detailed Exam Pattern Complete Syllabus and Selection ProcessPunjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Detailed Exam Pattern Complete Syllabus and Selection Process
Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Detailed Exam Pattern Complete Syllabus and Selection Process

Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Overview

Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Overview The Punjab Police Constable Exam 2024 is conducted in several stages to select candidates for the Constable position.
1. Written Exam Structure: The exam is divided into two papers.
First Paper: Includes five subjects with a total of 100 marks.
Duration: Candidates have 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete this paper.
Second Paper: Consists of one subject worth 50 marks.
Duration: This paper is timed at 60 minutes (1 hour).
Negative Marking: There is no negative marking in the written exam.
2. Physical Measurement Test (PMT) and Physical Screening Test (PST) Eligibility: Candidates who clear the written exam proceed to the PMT and PST.
Purpose: These tests assess the physical fitness and endurance of candidates.
3. Document Verification Final Stage: Candidates who successfully pass all previous stages are called for document verification.
Verification: Ensures that all necessary documents and credentials are authentic and in order.
Organization Punjab Police
Post Name Constable
Vacancy 1746
Selection Process Written Exam, PMT, PST, Document Verification
Job Location Punjab
Official Website www.punjabpolice.gov.in

Punjab Police Constable Selection Process 2024

The selection process for Punjab Police Constable 2024 involves several stages that candidates must complete:

1. Written Exam:

  • Candidates begin with a written exam that tests their knowledge and skills in various subjects.

2. Physical Measurement Test (PMT):

  • After passing the written exam, candidates undergo a physical measurement test to ensure they meet the required physical standards.

3. Physical Efficiency Test (PET):

  • Following the PMT, candidates participate in a physical efficiency test to demonstrate their physical endurance and abilities.

4. Document Verification:

  • Finally, candidates who qualify through the previous stages undergo document verification to confirm their eligibility and credentials.

Punjab Police Constable Exam Pattern 2024

The Punjab Police Constable Exam Pattern 2024 is structured to help candidates understand the format and difficulty level of the exam. Here’s a detailed step-by-step breakdown:

1. Objective Type Test:

The exam is conducted in two papers, and passing Paper 2 is mandatory to proceed.

2. Paper 1:

  • Total Questions: 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Total Marks: 100 marks.
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (2 hours).

Subjects in Paper 1:

  • General Awareness: 35 questions carrying 35 marks.
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Skills: 20 questions carrying 20 marks.
  • Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning: 20 questions carrying 20 marks.
  • Language Test (English and Punjabi): 20 questions carrying 20 marks.
  • Digital Literacy and Awareness: 5 questions carrying 5 marks.
  • Total: 100 questions for 100 marks.

Paper 2: Punjabi Qualifying Paper

Paper 2 of the Punjab Police Constable Exam 2024 is specifically for Punjabi language and serves as a mandatory qualifying paper. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Subject: Punjabi Language.
  • Total Questions: 50 questions.
  • Total Marks: 50 marks.
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (1 hour).


  • Candidates must pass this paper to be eligible for consideration in the selection process.
  • However, the marks obtained in this paper are not counted towards the overall merit list.

Punjab Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Detailed Analysis

In this article, we explain the syllabus for the Punjab Police Constable Exam 2024. This information will be useful for candidates preparing for the exam. The exam covers six subjects: General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Skills, Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning, English, Punjabi, and Digital Literacy and Awareness. Below, you’ll find the detailed syllabus for each subject, which is important for the exam preparation.

Punjab Police Constable General Awareness Syllabus:

  • Constitution and its features: Learn about the Constitution of India and its important aspects.
  • Central and State Legislature: Understand how laws are made and the roles of Parliament and State Assemblies.
  • Executive: Know about the government’s administrative branch and its functions.
  • Judicial Institutions: Study the court system and how justice is administered.
  • Local Government Institutions: Learn about local governance structures like municipalities and panchayats.
  • History: Explore the past events and developments, especially related to Punjab.
  • Geography: Understand the physical features and locations of Punjab and its neighboring areas.
  • Culture: Know about the traditions, festivals, and customs of Punjab.
  • Economy of Punjab: Learn about the economic activities and resources of Punjab.
  • Basics of Science & Technology: Understand fundamental scientific principles and technological advancements.
  • Current Affairs: Stay updated on recent events and important issues at the national and state levels.

Punjab Police Constable Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus:

  • Simplification: Learn methods to simplify mathematical expressions and calculations.
  • Average: Understand how to find the average or mean of a set of numbers.
  • Decimal and Fractions: Study operations involving decimals and fractions.
  • Ratio and Proportion: Learn about the relationship between quantities and their proportional comparisons.
  • Percentages: Understand percentage calculations and applications.
  • Profit and Loss: Know how to calculate profit earned or loss incurred in business transactions.
  • Simple Interest: Learn the basics of interest calculation for loans or savings.
  • Time and Work: Understand how to calculate work done over time periods and work rates.
  • Bar Graphs: Interpret and analyze data presented in bar graphs.
  • Line Graphs: Interpret and analyze data presented in line graphs showing trends over time.

Punjab Police Constable Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning Syllabus:

  • Number and Letter Series: Learn to identify patterns in sequences of numbers and letters.
  • Sequencing: Understand the correct order or arrangement of objects, events, or numbers.
  • Statements and Conclusions: Analyze given statements to draw logical conclusions.
  • Pattern Completion: Identify missing elements in a given pattern or sequence.
  • Order and Ranking: Arrange items or individuals based on a given criterion such as height or rank.
  • Direction and Distance: Solve problems involving directions and distances traveled.
  • Blood Relation: Understand relationships between family members and solve related problems.
  • Sitting Arrangement: Arrange people or objects in a sequence according to given conditions or constraints.

Punjab Police Constable English Syllabus:

  • Reading Comprehension: Understand and answer questions based on passages.
  • Punjabi to English Translation: Translate sentences or passages from Punjabi to English.
  • Sentence Rearrangement and Correction: Rearrange sentences to form a coherent paragraph and correct grammatical errors.
  • Error Spotting: Identify and correct errors in sentences such as grammatical mistakes or incorrect usage.
  • Fill in the Blanks: Complete sentences by filling in the missing words or phrases.
  • Spelling Correction: Correct misspelled words in given sentences or paragraphs.
  • Vocabulary (Synonym, Antonym, One-word Substitution): Learn synonyms (words with similar meanings), antonyms (words with opposite meanings), and one-word substitutes (single words that replace longer phrases).

Punjab Police Constable Punjabi Syllabus:

  • Correct/Incorrect: Identify whether sentences or statements are right or wrong in Punjabi.
  • Synonyms/Antonyms: Learn words that have similar or opposite meanings in Punjabi.
  • Punjabi Pronunciation and Idioms: Practice speaking Punjabi correctly and understand commonly used phrases.
  • Translation from English to Punjabi: Translate sentences or passages from English to Punjabi.
  • Replace multiple words with one word: Substitute multiple words with a single appropriate word in Punjabi.
  • Invisible Pair: Identify word pairs that form meaningful combinations in Punjabi, where one word suggests the other.

Punjab Police Constable Digital Literacy and Awareness Syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of Computers: Learn basic concepts about how computers work and their components.
  • MS Office (Word, PowerPoint): Understand how to use Microsoft Office applications like Word for documents and PowerPoint for presentations.
  • Internet: Learn about the basics of the Internet and how it functions as a global network of computers.
  • World Wide Web, and Web Search Engines: Understand what the World Wide Web is and how to use web search engines like Google to find information online.
  • Email Communication: Learn how to compose, send, and manage emails effectively.
  • Mobile Phones (Basic Conceptual Knowledge): Gain basic knowledge about mobile phones, their features, and their use in communication and digital tasks.
Here are Some Tips to Prepare for the Punjab Police Constable Exam 2024

First, understand the exam syllabus so you know what topics to focus on. Next, create a study plan to manage your study time effectively. Use reliable resources like study materials and past exam papers for preparation. Practice regularly with sample papers and exercises to improve your skills. Identify and work on your weak areas to strengthen your knowledge.

Stay updated with current affairs and news related to Punjab. Take mock tests to simulate exam conditions and assess your readiness. Learn to manage your time well during the exam by practicing time allocation for each section. Lastly, revise regularly to reinforce your understanding of important topics.

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