Auto fare fixed for going to new bus stand in Patna, know fare

A big news is coming from Patna, the capital of Bihar. According to the information received, the auto fare has been fixed to know the new bus stand in Patna. Auto drivers can charge auto fare accordingly. Guidelines have also been issued for this.

Please tell that the Mithapur bus stand of Patna has been completely closed and this bus stand has been shifted to Baria. Passengers can now catch buses for different districts of the state and other states from the Bairia Bus Terminal in Patna.

Auto fare fixed for going to the new bus stand in Patna, know the fare?

Kurji to Bairia 50 rupees

Mahendru to Bairia 20 rupees

Mithapur to Bairia 20 rupees

Airport to Bairia 60 rupees

Gaighat to Bairia 20 rupees

Gurdwara to Bairiya 25 rupees

City chowk to Bairia 20 rupees

Bairiya to Anisabad 30 rupees

Gulzarbagh to Bairia 20 rupees

Agamkuan to Bairia 15 rupees

Patna Junction to Bairiya 30 rupees

Gandhi Maidan to Bairia 40 rupees

AIIMS Phulwari to Bairiya Rs 60

Phulwari Sharif to Bairiya 40 rupees

Danpur station to Bairia 50 rupees

Boring road, water tank to baria 45 rupees

Rajiv Nagar Patliputra to Bairiya Rs 45.

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