Government teacher wants to become principal by promotion not by giving examination in Bihar

Teachers teaching in government schools of Bihar want to become principal by promotion and not by giving exams. According to the latest report, the government teachers of Bihar are constantly opposing the decisions of the government and are warning of agitation.

Actually the Nitish government has issued an order. In which it is said that any teacher in Bihar will have to give an exam to become a principal and this exam will be taken by Bihar BPSC, only then he will be able to become a principal in government schools.

According to the news, the Teachers Association of Bihar and their leaders have said that in the Elementary and Secondary Teacher Rules 2020, there was a provision to fill the post of head teacher-headmaster by promotion of qualified and experienced teachers currently working. But Nitish government is hatching a conspiracy against us.

At the same time, the state president of the teachers' union, Pradeep Kumar Pappu said that the teachers are ready to go to the court for their rights. We oppose the decision of the government. At the same time, the new rules have been made by the government. Under that, to become a principal, now it will be necessary to pass the exam.

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