How to do family distribution of land in Gorakhpur, know here

If people living in Gorakhpur want to divide their land by family, then they have to take care of some things. This will not cause any problem or trouble in future after partition. Along with this, peace will also remain in the family.

How to do family division of land in Gorakhpur?

Panchnama division: People living in Gorakhpur can do family division of their land through Panchnama. Keep all your family members as well as some dignitaries present during this process. Present the Mukhiya, Sarpanch or Ward in the Panchnama. Also prepare an account of the land on a stamp paper. At the same time, write the complete details of which land went to whose part and every member of the family along with the dignitary should sign it.

Registry distribution: Let us tell you that registry distribution is considered to be the strongest partition. The people of Gorakhpur can do this division by visiting the registry office with mutual consent. The biggest thing is that this division will be completed in a single day and each person will be given separate documents related to the property. For this you can get advice by going to the registry office.

Division in Tehsil: People of Gorakhpur can also go to their Tehsil and do family division of land. For this you can apply by going to your Tehsil. After this, the land will be divided by calling the family member and there will be Jamabandi in the name of you people and you can also get the receipt deducted in your own name.

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