These documents will be needed for insurance claim in case of bike theft in Bihar

In many cities including Patna, Bhagalpur, Samastipur, bikes are stolen every day. But if you make an insurance claim, the insurance companies pay the money. Due to this, the bike owners do not have to face much loss.

These documents will be required for insurance claim: If you make an insurance claim in case of bike theft, then you will need a copy of the registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle, copy of the police FIR, claim form, driving license, first two pages of the policy document And the Regional Transport Office (RTO) will have to submit the letter informing the theft to the insurance company.

Claim insurance for bike theft in Bihar:

1. If the bike is stolen, you should immediately go to the Nadjiki police station, go and register an FIR.

2. After registering the FIR, you call the customer service center of the insurance company and fill the claim form.

3. After this, you should also report the bike theft to the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

4. You will get the insurance claim money after 15 days after completing the whole process.

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